VMG & Values


Bahay Tuluyan is committed to building a world where every child's rights are respected, protected, and fulfilled.


We are a children's rights organization working to prevent and respond to abuse and exploitation of children through the delivery of child-centered programs and services at the grassroots level and dynamic collaboration with local and international partners for social development and change.


Bahay Tuluyan's strategic goals for 2014-2017 are:

  1. At least 90% of children involved in Bahay Tuluyan programs demostrate increased resiliency and decreased vulnerability to abuse and exploitation
  2. At least 75% of adults reached through Bahay Tuluyan's programs report that their knowledge and/or skills to protect children from abuse and exploitation have increased.
  3. Bahay Tuluyan is ethical, human, socially responsible, culturally sensitive, environment-friendly and is able to self-fund at least 40% of its operational costs.

Core Values

Our core values are:

  • Rights based framework
  • Children's participation
  • Non discrimination
  • Best interests of the child
  • Equity and fairness
  • Professsionalism and ethics
  • Gender sensitivity
  • Good governance and integrity
  • Ecologically friendly

Our Approach


  • Individualized, intensive services
  • Targeting child survivors of abuse and exploiation
  • Case management & direct services - aiming to assist healing & recovery

Early Prevention

  • Strategic programs and services
  • Targeting children/ youth at high risk
  • Case monitoring & participation -aiming to prevent abuse & exploitation


  • Community building
  • Targeting at-risk population and key stakeholders
  • Holistic strategies - aiming to address root causes & build a child friendly world
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