Participatory Action Research

In order to be able to advocate for children, it is important to have a good understanding of the issues facing children. Bahay Tuluyan believes that children are in the best position to be able to know the problems facing them. Accordingly, Bahay Tuluyan uses a 'participatory' approach to research wherein children and young people are actively involved in the process of conducting research about issues affecting them and their peers. This means that wherever possible children and young people are directly involved in conceiving, carrying out and producing research about issues which affect them.

Bahay Tuluyan conducts research on issues affecting children with the aim of promoting more effective solutions. In recent years, Bahay Tuluyan has produced the following research publications:

  • 'Children's Rights in the Victoria, Laguna Area' , produced 2005
  • 'Children's Rights in the San Antonio, Quezon Area', produced 2005
  • 'Ang Mga Batang Bugaw sa Malate / Youth Pimps of Malate' , published 2006
  • 'Situation of Children in Detention in Laguna', published 2006
  • 'Sagip or Huli? Rescue of Street Children in Caloocan, Manila, Pasay and Quezon Cities', published 2009
  • 'Munting Tinig, Karapatan Nais Marinig' (Small Voices, Rights we want Heard), published 2010

Bahay Tuluyan also participates in research conducted by external agencies. In the past years Bahay Tuluyan has participated in the production of the following studies and publications:

  • 'If I Had the Chance... Artwork from the Streets of Asia and the Pacific' published by the Asian Development Bank, 2003.
  • 'Small Steps, Great Strides - Doing Participatory Action Research with Children' by Ma. Teresa dela Cruz, Elizabeth Protacio-de Castro, Faye G. Balanon, Jay A. Yacat, Carolina T. Francisco.
  • 'Integrating Child-Centered Approaches in Children's Work' by Elizabeth Protacio-de Castro, Ph.D, Faye A.G. Balanon, Agnes Zenaida V. Camacho, Michelle G. Ong, Arlyn G. Verba and Jay A. Yacat.
  • 'Trust and Power - Child Abuse in the eyes of the child and the parent' by Elizabeth P. Protacio, Ma. Teresa C. dela Cruz, Faye A.G. Balanon, Jay A. Yacat and Carolina T. Francisco.
  • 'Surviving the Odds: Finding Hope in Abused Children's Life Stories' by Violeta Bautista, Aurorita Roldan & Myra Garces-Bascal.
  • 'Surviving Cruelty-Combating Violence Against Children in Southeast Asia' published by Terre des Hommes Germany & Netherlands.

Bahay Tuluyan is also cited in a number of other studies:

  • Adhikari, T (2001) "Strategies for Building Protective Factors/ Resiliency of Bhutanese Youth: Lessons from the Philippine Youth Program Experience" Third World Studies Centre, University of the Philippines, Social Development Research Center & Yuchengco Centre for East Asia, Del La Salle University Manila.
  • Bacus, I (2000) Stress, Coping and Resilience among Rural Disadvantaged Children: Focus on the Students of a Boarding School in Mindanao, MA Psychology Thesis, Quezon City: University of the Philippines
  • Bacos FF, Ramirez R, Dorado J, Velasco, Barba C (2008) "The Nutritional Status of Street Children and Why some are Nutritionally Well-off or Worst Off" available at
  • Banaag, C (1997) Resiliency: Stories Found in the Philippine Streets. Philippines, Untied Nations Children's Fund
  • Bautista, V, Rolden, A, Garces Bacsal M (2001) " Working with Abuse Children from the Lenses of Resilience and Contextualization" Save the Children Sweden.
  • Brillante-Evangelista, G, Acoba E, Midol B (2014) A Trans-disciplinary Study on Selected Street Families in Metro Manila. ASMAE - SENMAP July 2014.
  • Caparas M, (1998) "The Bahay Tuluyan and its junior educators program: strengthening the street children's resilience" Philippine Social Sciences Review Vol. 55 no. 1 - 4 Jan, Dec 1998.
  • Kids Rights (2012) Street Children have Rights Too! Problems faced by Street Children globally and in the Philippines, and why their rights need Protection, Kids Rights Foundation and University Leiden, The Netherlands available at
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