Safe Families

Family Support and Reintegration

Family Support and Reintegration - With the help of Bahay Tuluyan's dedicated social workers acting as case managers for children in need of protection, this program specifically aims to provide support to children to enable them to stay in their families or be reintegrated into their family.

Alternative Family Care

In cases wherein reintegration is not immediately possible, Bahay Tuluyan provides short-term and long-term shelter to children in need of protection. The program aims to provide quality rights-based alternative family care as a last resort and for the shortest possible time for children without safe family environments.

Some children are housed in small group family-style accommodation where they live with house parents. Older children are given the opportunity to live semi-independently in group homes, developing important skills for their reintegration into the community.

In cases of emergencies, children are provided shelter along with their families until the crisis is resolved.

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