Vision, Mission, and Goals


Bahay Tuluyan is committed to building a world where every child's rights is respected, protected and fulfilled.


Bahay Tuluyan is a children's rights organization working to prevent and respond to abuse and violence against children. This is achieved through dynamic collaboration with and empowerment of children, youth, families and the community.


Bahay Tuluyan's overall goal is to reduce violence and abuse among children. Bahay Tuluyan's specific goals are to:

Enable at least 80% of children and youth involved in Bahay Tuluyan programs to develop increased resilience;

Assist children to live in safe family environments and help families stay together;

Enable systemic change by engaging duty-bearers and actively promoting children's rights locally, nationally and internationally; and

Be ethical, humane, socially responsible, culturally sensitive, environmentally-friendly and self-fund at least 30% of our operational expenses through social enterprise.

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