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Bahay Tuluyan is always seeking new resources and materials for educating others about children's rights, particularly within the Philippines. We are particularly interested in materials in Tagalog. If you know of any additional websites, books or multimedia resources you would like to share with Bahay Tuluyan please email us at info@bahaytuluyan.org.

World Bank - Poverty statistics and development resources

Information on poverty in the Philippines

UNICEF country data - Statistics on the Philippines

Statistics on economic and social activities of the Philippines, with particular reference to children's rights.

UNICEF - Publication and FAQs

Includes a resource library of the UNCRC and guides on how to apply the UNCRC in programs and life.

Svayam - UNCRC in child friendly language

Outlines each of the rights in simple language appropriate for children.

Child Rights International Network - Information on the United Nations and the UNCRC

Philippines Statistics Authority - A range of the statistics in the Philippines

Contains a range of statistics on different issues within the Philippines.

World Vision - Multiple topics on children

Contains information on multiple issues such as child trafficking and health regarding children from all around the world.

WE Charity - International Children's Rights - Youth Engagement models

Information on youth engagement models and international children's rights.

Economy Watch - Philippines Data

Information on the economy of the Philippines and a range of other financial statistics.

Child Labour Public Education Project - Child Labour

A campaign educating the public about Child Labour in the US and overseas.

Children's Rights Alliance - Children's rights in Ireland and United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)

Information on Children's Rights in Ireland and multiple resources on the UNCRC

Liberty - Liberty and human rights

Outlines what our basic human rights and liberties are.

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