KidsView is an annual advocacy campaign hosted by BTPA in Australia. Running since 2003, the KidsView campaign aims to raise awareness amongst Australian children and adults about poverty and the issues facing children in the Philippines. Realizing the power of personal stories in bringing the issues of poverty to life, children from Bahay Tuluyan participate in the campaign as youth advocates. They share their stories using dance, drama and songs.

A key feature of KidsView is the Social Justice Conferences which are run for school students in Australia, at both the primary school and secondary school level. In these inter-school events students are able to witness the presentation by the Filipino young people and then explore the issues further through a series of interactive games about poverty, justice and equality.

KidsView aims to:

  • Empower children to respond actively in alleviating the burden of poverty;
  • Provide an opportunity to listen and learn as we accept our position and responsibilities as members of a global community;
  • Increase awareness of poverty and the struggles faced by many children in the Philippines.

KidsView is normally held in Australia between April and June. If you would like to be involved, either as a student participant, host school or volunteer facilitator, please contact us at

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