Emergency & Residential Shelter

Bahay Tuluyan believes that every child has the right to be with their family and provides quality rights-based shelter for children only as a last resort and for the shortest possible time.

Shelter is provided as a refuge for children when they are not safe in their homes or they don't have a home or family to which they can return. Before deciding to shelter a child, all other alternatives for keeping the child in a family environment are considered. The processes for reintegrating children into the community begin as soon as a child is admitted for shelter. At the earliest possible time children are reunited with their own or alternate families or to independent living. Our social workers provide ongoing support and after care for each child when they leave shelter.

Designed to provide an environment as close to family as possible, children are housed in small group family-style accommodation where they live with house parents. Older children are given the opportunity to live semi-independently in group homes, developing important skills for their reintegration into the community.

Children in shelter are provided with all of their basic needs and are assisted to continue or start formal education. A variety of programs aimed at promoting healthy participation, healing and recovery are provided. All children's cases are closely managed by licensed social workers. Children are actively involved in planning and running Bahay Tuluyan's shelters.

Our center in Laguna cares for girls and young boys while our center in Quezon is only for boys. In Manila we shelter both boys and girls - on a short term basis.

In all of our centers we provide emergency shelter to families and children in times of distress including natural and man-made disasters and other crises.

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