Estimates show that as many as one billion children are pushed onto the margins of society around the world. This number is increasing. ChildSafe works to protect children and youth who are: living and working on the streets, using drugs, affected by HIV, migrants or at risk of unsafe migration, in prison or in conflict with the law, victims of abuse and domestic violence, involved in the sex trade, school drop-outs or unemployed, living in poverty or affected in any other way that prevents them from having their internationally recognized rights as children fulfilled.

Children and youth living on the margins of society are exposed to many abuses, from physical and emotional violence to sexual exploitation, forced labor or lack of access to health care and education. ChildSafe ensures marginalized children and youth are protected from all forms of abuse and have access to the rights enshrined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: the right to survival (medical care, shelter, clothing and food), the right to protection from all forms of abuse and neglect, the right to development (access to education, support to remain in his/her family etc), the right to participation.

ChildSafe was created as a collaborative project aimed at protecting children from abuse and exploitation through awareness raising and training key stakeholders in tourism and the community. Working closely with Friends International and the Department of Tourism, Bahay Tuluyan is addressing the challenges that children face within tourism and communities.

With the 7 Tips for Travelers, anyone can learn about their impact as a tourist and ways they can work to protect the best interest of children when they are at home or on travel. To learn more, visit

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