Students in a KidsView workshop.

KidsView conferences give students a chance to discuss social justice topics with their peers.

A full day incursion is a opportunity for an entire year level to become aware of social justice issues. The day is a valuable way to introduce your students to the issues facing children in developing countries.

These days have been extremely successful as Faith Development days at secondary schools.


Time: Full day
Cost: $10 per student (min $800)
Number of students: We comfortably cater for 100 students. Please make a note in ‘Comments’ if you have more than this number and we will consider our resources for the particular date.
– We need teachers to help facilitate the workshops for groups of up to 15 students. Detailed notes and training provided on the day.
– An area for a dance/drama presentation is needed. A data projector and screen would be helpful.
– Space for workshop groups (number of students divided into groups of 10-15)

Dates for Incursions 2018

We are still finalising dates for 2018. If you are interested in securing a date, please email Clare – to discuss options.