Global Giving Membership

We need your help. To become a permanent member of Global Giving, we need at least 40 donors to give donations worth at least a total of $5,000 by the end of March. Donations are all tax deductible and go to kick starting our urban rooftop garden for kids.

Click here to make a donation.

Urban Garden Pic

Thousands of children on the streets of Manila beg or scavenge just to get something to eat. Bahay Tuluyan assists these kids get off the street and back into families through holistic programs. This project will start a rooftop organic garden in Manila where the children can be involved in growing their own food. Not only will it help the children get good, healthy food to eat, but will also help in greening Manila and enhance the sustainability of Bahay Tuluyan’s programs for children.

We will provide nutritious food to 1500 children over the next 5 years, improving their health, self esteem and school engagement, helping them to rise out of poverty. Our garden will be a model for the local community and we will encourage others to also set up urban gardens, thus improving overall community health for children and families. Growing our own food will increase our capacity to get 150 children off the street over the next 5 years.

We appreciate your generosity.


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