So, I have to admit that I forgot about my Entertainment Book for the past 3 months. It has been stuck under my passenger seat and totally neglected. When I chuck  it in the recycling bin in a few weeks, it will look almost brand new.

But, without hesitation, I’ll be buying a new one again for 2017 / 18.

Why? Because they are totally worth it.

BTPA get 20% of the sale price (and that money has a big impact on kids in the Philippines) and I save a fortune.

I have three primary school aged kids and no raging social life. I don’t use any of the gold discounts (my kids would never cope in a restaurant that serves quail or snail!) but we love our book.

We use all the kids favourites vouchers (McDonalds, Grilled, KFC etc). We return to our favourite restaurants (highly recommend Vanilla Orchid in Warrandyte for Thai) and discover new ones. When we are out and about – and hungry – we grab the book and take our pick. There have been some real finds! Our social outings always save money … this year was the Aquarium, MCG tour, Phillip Island Parks and Australian Open tour. The $10 Village tickets ($12.50 for adults) are an absolute hit at our house and made my son’s party considerably cheaper.

Every year, I promise to get more organised and buy the Woolworths vouchers at 5% off … maybe this year I’ll actually do it! My mum does and she saves heaps… $5 for every $100 spent to be precise. It certainly adds up over the year.

This year, I had saved my $65 purchase price just 3 weeks after I purchased the book. I saved a lot more in the next 8 months, before I lost it under the passenger seat. I’d estimate that I save $400 – $500 each year, while at the same time helping out BTPA.

Some of my friends buy the digital version (no chance of under-the-seat-disappearances) but I love getting my book and tearing out all the ones I won’t use and giving them to friends who live near those destinations.

So whether you choose digital or paper version, buy the Entertainment Book.

Even if you don’t use a single voucher -you can be confident that your money is going to a great cause.

If you only use 1 or 2 vouchers, you will make your money back.

More than that? Winner … savings everywhere.

Order your book through BTPA today (delivery available) or contact clare@aus.bahaytuluyan.org and arrange pick up from Essendon or Eltham



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